Jr. Falcon Football and Cheer Club


Registration for 2016 Jr. Falcon Football and Cheer Club will close August 19th!

  • All athletes, both football and cheerleaders, will be required to have a sports physical completed by a doctor turned in before they will be allowed to participate.  Please also keep a COPY for your records to use throughout the year for other sports as we will not be able to give your copy back to you.
  • All football players MUST have a State ID before they will be allowed to participate in games.  We will collect these and the physicals at equipment handout and will give the State IDs back when you turn in your equipment at the end of the season.  League rules require that we keep these throughout the season.  You may apply for your State ID at the drivers licensing office.
All grades should be receiving information from their TeamAgent or their coach as to practice times, locations and what they should be wearing during practice.  Please inform your TeamAgent if your athlete is unable to make it to practice.  You can reply to an email they have sent or reach them at the below information:

7th and 8th grade football: 
Brandy Haney 
6th grade football: 
Stacy Worthington
5th grade football:
Doug Blaha 
573) 690-9589

4th grade football:
John Weber
All Cheerleader parents should contact the cheer coordinator:
Gwen Griffith


2016 Fall Jr. Falcon Football Schedule:

8/20/16 7th & 8th grade Jamboree - Blair Oaks Athletic Complex Time CANCELLED - the 7th and 8th grade will work to get a scrimmage during one of their practice nights.

8/20/16 5th and 6th grade Jamboree Camdenton (old high school where varsity games are played - address will be added to TeamSnap) Time 10AM

 Blair Oaks    4th Grade   5th Grade   6th Grade   7th Grade   8th Grade
H Eureka 10am H Owensville 11:30am H Eureka 1pm H Eureka 2:30pm H Eureka 4pm
09/10/16 H St. James 2 - 10am H Hermann 11:30am H Owensville 1pm H Owensville 2:30pm H Owensville 4pm
09/17/16 A Pacific TBD A Sullivan 11:30am A Hermann 11:30am A Hermann 1pm A Hermann 2:30pm
09/24/16 H Northwest 10am H Northwest 11:30am A St. Clair TBD H Northwest 1pm H Northwest 2:30pm
10/01/16 A St. James 4pm A St. James 10am A St. James 11:30am A St. James 1pm A St. James 2:30pm
10/08/16 H Cuba 10am H Cuba 11:30am H Pacific 1pm H Cuba 2:30pm H Cuba 4pm

 Week 7: 10/15/16 (First Round Playoffs)

Week 8: 10/22/16 (Semi-final Round Playoffs)

Week 9: 10/29/16 (Championship Round of Playoffs)


Per the Jr. Falcon Football and Cheer Club Advisory Board meeting earlier this year the price changes that were approved are below:

$175 - Football player registration

$65 - Cheerleader registration

$200 - individual buyout

$350 - family buyout


You can find us on Facebook and Twitter!  Select the links at the bottom of the page.  Go Jr. Falcons!